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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

Last week has been a great week! We worked super hard and did a lot of contacting. About 90% of the people rejected us, haha. But oh well, its not their time I guess. I have been teaching my comp how to do light shows and he is learning soooo quickly! He seriously is so great at the lights now, hah. Every night before bed we present each other a light-show. It’s really fun. We are planning a cool ward activity! Noche De Pizzas! It is going to be a great pizza contest and with a bunch of fun games and stuff! We will be having that in a couple weeks. 

Lately, we have focused a lot on working with less-actives. Working with less-actives is such a great way to bring more people unto Christ. We have found some pretty cool people this week just by working with less-actives! 

We have this great new investigator named Ana.  She just moved here from Spain recently and she is so nice! She talks sooooo funny. She completely talks in ‘Vosotros’ and with the funny Spain-lisp thing, haha. We knocked on her door, she opened, and we introduced ourselves and she got all excited and invited us in! Then she went to the kitchen and brought us juice and some dessert cake, ahhhhh. We shared with her a simple message about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We shared with her a video as well. She loved it so much. We now have a return appointment with her. I hope she will still receptive to us at the next appointment. 

This message we shared with her, is a message that all the missions are sharing this Easter Season. "Gracias A Que El Vive".

Spanish version:

I would like to share a little testimony with you that I know Jesus Christ lives. He lives today. Thanks to him and because of Him, we will all have the opportunity to resurrect with our bodies once again. But at that time our body will be perfected and glorified. Thanks to Jesus Christ we will all be able to live. We will all be able to live with our families again. He has giving us His example. All we need to do is follow. I am so grateful I am able to represent him for these two years. There is no greater way to thank Him for this life I have, than by serving Him.

Now I have a missionary challenge for you. Your challenge is to share this video, mentioned above, with someone that may need it. Who knows, you might make someone’s week, or even be instrumental in changing their life. You can share the video with the hashtag #Graciasaque√Člvive (in Spanish) or #BecauseHeLives (in English), that way, other people can find your message as well.

I am happy to be a missionary! I am happy to represent Jesus Christ. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything!

Elder Mattias Malzl

Life is good!

    Yes, I can bake...

 Stopping by at Nacho's Birthday Party

Elder Mattias Malzl
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