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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Entry 1: August 10, 2014

Entry 2: August 13, 2014

Entry 3: August 20, 2014

Wow, it has been a full week at the MTC so far. And let me tell you, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Arriving the first day was pretty hectic. I had get transported to the west campus on a shuttle, went from place to place getting situated and stuff. Before coming to the MTC I heard from people that the first days are the worst. But it hasn't been as bad as I thought.
At times, I feel alone and wonder why I even came out here. But then, I take a look around and realize all these missionaries have probably felt the same way. 

It is so amazing on how much I have learned already. The third day in, we had to teach our first lesson to an investigator....IN 100% SPANISH! And my companion and I did it! Now we are already on our 4th lesson and have already got our investigator to commit to Praying, Coming to church, and keep some of the commandments. I can personally testify that the gift of tongues here at the MTC is such a real thing. The spirit is felt so strong here. I literally can't help but smile all the time. 

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the lord. This is by far the greatest decision I have ever made in my life. 

Send me peoples emails por favor :) 

I will send pics! 

P.S. Missionaries LOVE receiving mail and packages! (please send me something, anything) 


Elder Malzl

This is my companion Elder Jensen! He is such a cool guy! He is 6'4! He has become like a brother to me.

 Our first lesson. IN COMPLETE SPANISH!

 Got my first package!

 Temple and jamba juice #thegang

Look who I get to see everyday! Elder Slavens! Everyone loves him here :)
He is become such a great friend to me!

Entry 4: August 27, 2014

It was has been such a great week! It feels like time is flying by! But at the same time it feels like I've been gone forever haha. The days feel long but the weeks feel short. I don't know if that made sense haha. But that's how it is! 

So I'm loving my district here! There's Elder Jensen (Mi companero) Elder Perkins, Elder Housely, Elder Cano, Elder Smith, Elder Ruesch, and Elder Bartlett. And for the Hermanas, we have Hermana Streadback, Hermana Masoner, Hermana Brough, and Hermana Lloyd. We have all been getting along so well. It's almost like a family. I have gained a love for each one of these people. 

I have been catching on with spanish :) We have teaching lessons to our investigators without any notes now. Although our Spanish may sound bad sometimes, we have been getting soooo much better. I'm getting the accent down now :) 

Haha so guess what happened a few days back?! I wake up and get out of bed. I put my feet on the carpet and it felt weird. I was kinda out of it and couldn't make sense of what was wrong with carpet. Then it hit me. I realized that I was standing in 3 inches of water! I freaked out and flew back to my bed. I'm there yelling "WHAT THE FREAK WHAT THE FREAK WHAT THE FREAK?!? Elder Jensen! OUR ROOM IS FLOODED!" A bunch of clothes got SOAKED!
It was kinda cool because we got to miss class and pack all our clothes away. Security came by and the moved us out including the rest of the elders to the RainTree apartments. We got super excited because the RainTree apartments a seriously sooo much bigger and nicer! They have 2 bathrooms! And 2 showers! Which is much needed!  Like seriously, that was the highlight of the week. It felt like a snow-day and we didn't have school haha. Now we are soooo much closer to everything! Rather than living back at Wyview and having to walk like 10 min to class.

Okay so here is a cool story that happened a few days back. 

It was the morning, and I was about ready to head out the door to go to breakfast, but then I got a feeling to go back to my room and grab my oil vial. So I grabbed it out of my suitcase and put on my key chain. I went about my day till about lunch time, Hermana Streadback pulls Elder Housely and I to the side. She told us that before entering the MTC she had pneumonia, and that it was coming back. She was coughing constantly throughout the day. The doctors gave her medicine but she didn't feel like it was helping. She told us that she prayed the night before and got inspiration to ask Elder Housely and I to give her a blessing. 

Elder Housely and I both felt extremely nervous for this. So we went to the back room and prayed that we may be comforted and guided by the spirit. We came back to the room and did the blessing. I anointed and consecrated the oil, and Elder Housely gave the blessing. After the blessing finished, we looked at each other and our eyes were filled with tears. Elder Housely and I went back to the back room to give a prayer thanks. He then told me something amazing (he is fine with me telling this). He told me that in his patriarchal blessing mentions how he has the gift to heal the sick, and people will be guided to him when they need a blessing. 

It wasn't a coincidence that she felt inspired to ask us to give her blessing. It wasn't a coincidence that I randomly felt like I needed to bring my oil vial. I know that this was gods plan. I know that from this experience, I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. I am so grateful for this incredible life I have been blessed with. There is no better way for me to thank god, than to devote these 2 years completely to him. 

There has been soooo much happening while here at the MTC. I will try my best to keep you all up to date with whats been happening. And I will try to send pictures too. The computers here are pretty lame and sometimes wont let you access your camera to send pictures. 

Anyways, I love you all

Yours truly,

Elder Malzl

P.S. PLEASE SEND ME PACKAGES! I need something to look forward to during mail time haha.

Sometimes we need to do something to keep us sane. So Elder Cano, and Elder Smith where off at Choir practice, Some of the other Elders and I decided to pull a prank. We went back to the apartment, and grabbed ALL of the furniture and put in Elder Cano and Smiths room. It took a while to get it their room! But it was worth it haha