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Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Thank you for praying for me. That means so much to me.. My comp and I decided to take it a bit easier this week, as we were so exhausted from last week. We were still able to find a few new investigators and references. My companion, Elder Bayles, is great example to me. When he first came out to the mission he actually tore every single one of his ligaments and had to go home for 8 months for surgery. Many people told him not to return to the mission because it would not be good for his knee. But he did return anyway. He wanted to follow the example of Nephi.
We have been working very well with our investigators! We are helping a 19 year-old investigators to quit smoking. He asked us to give a blessing to help him do so. :) 

We found a new potential investigator. He is about 60 years old. He came up to us and spoke English! He lived in the states for 40 years. He was so kind! He was so happy to meet us and he demanded that we wrote down his address and phone number and visit him this week to teach him! Wow, that was probably the easiest contact we have ever done. We didn’t have to do anything but write down what he told us! J
Next week we were supposed to have a baptism. However, our investigator told us she really wants to continue attending church and study more in the scriptures before her baptism. So we moved it to the 7th of March :).  We are happy she wants to learn more and gain a firm testimony before baptism :). This is a good sign of a firm convert!

It has been so hot lately! Elder Bayles and I decided to move our mattresses into the main room on the floor because it is sooo much cooler in there. Luckily, last night it rained so much! Ahh, it was best thing ever! We had cold breezes and everything!! :) Last night I also gave a light show for a birthday party for a little girl in our ward :) I did the light show to "All of me" by John Legend and Lindsey Stirling. It was fun :) 

This is a lomo pizza. It is so amazing.

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