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Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

All I can really say about this week, is that it was an emotional roller coaster. I cried a lot this week. I feel pretty confident with the language, but it is so hard to understand people when they are speaking at 200 miles an hour. Back at home I had friends like Tyler that would listen to me and understand my emotions.  But thats okay, I just talk with God and I feel his comfort and his understanding love. 

This week I went on exchanges with the zone leaders. And I went with Elder Peters from Utah. We went to his area. We talked to a lot of people.  Almost all of them rejected us. An old man came up to us and said: "What are guys trying to do? Save the world?" We replied, saying: "We are trying to." He replied: "No, you guys don't do anything, you are useless!" When I heard this my heart hurt so much. Why are we so targeted by such people? Why can't they understand what we have to share and can change their life and find true happiness? Why do people run away from us and chew us out? This is something that has been on my mind for a while now. 

I don't think missionary work was ever supposed to be easy. Our Savior went through similar things - but to an unimaginable point. He is our perfect example, and yet, people treated him like he was useless. They spat upon him and abused him. And yet, our Savior still loved us, and he suffered for our sins. When I feel sad and useless here on the mission, I always look at the sacrifice our Savior did for us. And I am so ever grateful for that. Remembering his sacrifice reminds me that he understands me.

Thank you for everything. I love you all very much!

Safest mailing address for letters:

Elder Mattias Malzl
Argentina Mendoza Mission -- POUCH 
50 East North Temple 
Salt Lake City, UT 84150 

Safest mailing address for Christmas packages:
Elder Malzl
C/O Brenda Sepulveda-Mena
Sargento Aldea #876
Villa Alemana
V Region
(Christmas packages have to arrive in Chile by Dec. 21 and will be delivered to Elder Malzl in Argentina on Dec. 22.)

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