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Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

This month we celebrate Christmas. We get the amazing opportunity to remember the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. What an amazing time of the year!  We have these pass-along cards that say "He Is the Gift" on the front, and on the back it has a link to a video to watch about His birth. We have a goal to pass out all these cards this month. People need to understand this month is about Him, not about getting drunk and drinking wine with your friends. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that is what Christmas is about. We have been visiting members and giving them some cards so they too can share this beautiful message with their friends and family. 

I want to do the same with you. Here is the link to the page:

Share this video with all your friends. Share your testimony with your loved ones. I promise that the spirit will help you testify according to the needs of your loved ones. And I promise they will understand that this month has a deeper meaning.

Oh, something cool I did this week: We have a departing future missionary in our ward. His name is Juan Cruz. He leaves on his mission to Paraguay on the 18th of December. His family threw him a huge farewell party. They assigned us, the missionaries, to do a skit. So we did and it was funny.  At the end of the skit, we shut all the lights off and I turned on a song called "never rain down again" by Dash Berlin (Dash Up). The people we kind of confused because it was pitch black with music playing. But I surprised them when I turned on my poi (my lights) and I gave them one heck of a light show. People were in awe and were clapping so much. It felt pretty cool. At the end people came up to me saying how they got "mind blown" because they have never seen anything like it. 

And because of this members are scheduling us to come for Family Home Evening and are inviting their non-member friends so that we can share a message - and a light show. :) Who would have known that I would be using my talent here on the mission!  I have been giving light shows three days a week now, haha. It is fun. And this is my kind of missionary work. I showed the Zone Leaders my lights and they now want to hold a meeting to encourage other missionaries to apply share their talents with their investigators and members of their wards. 

God gave us many talents. Let us use them wisely and with much reverence. Prior to my mission I only used my lights for my own benefit and entertainment, but now I am sharing my talents with others and apply it to missionary work.

This month, let us share our talents and testimonies with others. 

Safest mailing address for letters:

Elder Mattias Malzl
Argentina Mendoza Mission -- POUCH 
50 East North Temple 
Salt Lake City, UT 84150 

Safest mailing address for Christmas packages:
Elder Malzl
C/O Brenda Sepulveda-Mena
Sargento Aldea #876
Villa Alemana
V Region
(Christmas packages have to arrive in Chile by Dec. 21 and will be delivered to Elder Malzl in Argentina on Dec. 22.)

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