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Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 22, 2014

This week has been such a crazy week for me. Well, I got to say goodbye to my loving father (Trainer) Elder Burgos. I probably won’t seem him again since he goes home in three months. 

I received my new companion! Elder Bayle from Sandy, Utah.  He has been on the mission for 10 ½ months. He is such a chill guy, we get along so well and he has an awesome sense of humor! 

So, President Goates took the other pair of missionaries out of our area and now the whole city of Unimev is all ours!  We have a lot of work to do. A LOT OF WORK. This is going to be pretty tough, especially since I just finished training and have only been in Argentina for seven weeks, haha. But I am praying we can accomplish great things in Unimev.

This week we have been focusing a lot of work in the Unimev B (The former area of the other Elders). Luckily we found five new investigators this week! Whoo hoo! It is pretty sweet how we contacted them: We were walking on the street and we past by this house. We knocked on the door and asked for some water. We were welcomed into the house and the first thing I noticed was a DJ Controller on the table. I got so excited and asked the guy to demonstrate his skills for us. He did, and he played some EDM classics! And he let me give a go as well.  It felt so good being able to DJ again for a bit. We had a pretty good conversation about EDM music. And it just so happens that our bishop is looking for a DJ to play at ward parties. So I am putting these two in contact with each other. We then met his mom, and we took the time to share with them a Christmas video from the Church. They loved and they want us to drop by again and teach them more about the Plan of Salvation and such. So that’s pretty sweet! I have a DJ investigator!

The other investigators we found are so cool, too! We were walking in a neighborhood really close to our pension, and walked by a house when we heard someone playing the cello. This caught Elder Bayles’s attention, as he knew exactly what song was being played. So we rang the doorbell and a 16-year old girl came out and she noticed right away that we were Mormons. She was going send us away, when we stopped her and asked her to play the Cello song again. It was so beautiful hearing the cello. She played the "Cello Song" by the Piano Guys (cover). We gave her a round of applause and I asked them if they had a guitar. A guy of about 19-years old came out and brought me a guitar to play. We asked if we could come in so I could play for them. At first, they were hesitant, but then they let us in. When we entered we noticed that there were more people in the house. Turns out they have a band! They played us some of their music, which was so beautiful and unique. I thought of Melanie, because it sounded like music she would play. Then they let me play and I played them one of my favorite songs I had written. They loved it so much and asked me if I wanted to play with them. Haha, I told that I couldn’t since I am missionary and have to focus on the work. They then found out that were from the United States. Turns out they all know English! WHOA! They are such nice people and we will be passing by a lot more and teach them more about the gospel. They loved having us over and had so many questions.

After we left  we went to the store where we ran into another guy. He is around 55-years old. And it turns out he is from the United States and has lived here for seven years! Also turns out he lives only a block away from us!  Like what are the chances?? Haha! So basically half of our investigators can speak fluent English! Sweet! 

We have been doing alot of working and walking. And because of this, we have gotten a bit sick. Especially Elder Bayles. He to get a blessing the other day because he felt so much in pain. And I have been having so much pain in my knees and my back and have been gaining a fever. I might have to call the nurse if it gets worse. This week we may have to get Elder Bayles to the hospital. We isn't doing to well. But I have been taking good care him. So this next week will be a week of rest for us. We need rest, haha.

I was so happy to see Belen and Pia at church! What a lovely surprise!  They are doing so great! It was so nice being able to talk in Spanish with them.  Thank you so much for the packages! I love them so much! I got a ton of candy! Sweet! I will pass it out to the kids in our ward :) 

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