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Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 23, 2014

This has been a really good week! A lot has happened. Elder Burgos and I work so good together. Last Sunday we had 5 investigators at church! WHOOO HOOO! 

Let’s start at the beginning of the week: We had a Family Home Evening with a hermana and an investigator. It was so much fun! So, as you know, I love to play with poi lights. I have been using my light show skills for missionary work! It started out by me giving Elder Burgos a light show and he thought it would be a great a idea to share my talent with the members and investigators. Turns out that everyone loves it!  My trainer in California didn’t like the lights and told me to send them home. So I am happy that Elder Burgos sees the potential this talent has. He thought it would be a really good idea if I did a light show for our investigators for Family Home Evening. So we put the song “Never Cry Again” by Dash Berlin on their speaker system and turned out all the lights. They were so confused and said: “What’s happening, what’s happening?” Then they music started playing and my poi lights were on. I did the whole show to the song and at the end – oh they were like: “Elder Malzl! Oh incredible!” They were amazed and asked me to do it again and asked me to do it again next week, and “bring that again tomorrow!”. You know, this talent seems to be a pretty good missionary tool. Elder Burgos’s idea to use it as a FHE activity, was actually very good! It really worked, because afterwards, the brother said: “You know, I think I’m gonna come to church this Sunday.” He never had wanted to come to church. Never. It’s crazy how this visit made him want to come to church. 

Also this week I had the opportunity to do another light show for one of our investigator families. We brought them over to a member’s house and there I did a light show for them and they were blown away – their kids were like “Wow! Bastante! Wow, Elder Malzl!” It was loco! They now want me do participate in the talent show of their ward, so I guess I will do that. I also got to play guitar for the first time since I left on my mission in August. Let me tell you, the feeling I got when I put my hands on that guitar was incredible. I played – everything came back to me – it was wonderful! I really do miss the guitar a lot. It used to be the way I expressed myself with all the emotions I had. I used to express myself through music. It’s really hard on a mission not to be able to do that. But it’s OK – it’s only for a short two years.

You know, there is a lot of sadness here in Argentina. Everyone seems to be doing fine, but the more you get to know them, there is a lot more that lies beneath, and often times it’s pretty sad. I’m not going to go into a lot of details about the things that I have seen, but it’s really sad seeing how many problems people really have. And there are some pretty serious problems. On the bright side many people her have embraced me like their own family. 

Safest mailing address for letters:

Elder Mattias Malzl
Argentina Mendoza Mission -- POUCH 
50 East North Temple 
Salt Lake City, UT 84150 

Safest mailing address for Christmas packages:
Elder Malzl
C/O Brenda Sepulveda-Mena
Sargento Aldea #876
Villa Alemana
V Region
(Christmas packages have to arrive in Chile by Dec. 21 and will be delivered to Elder Malzl in Argentina on Dec. 22.)

We made a wonderful dish called nuoqis! It was so good! A la casa de hermana Toro. Un menos activo miembro de la iglesia  

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