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Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

April 13, 2015

Well, this has been a good week! We did a lot of contacting and got hardly any success. We have literally spent everyday contacting for hours, but either no one answered us or they rejected us. However, we did find this really cool young family. Apparently the husband used to live in Orem Utah for 5 years, haha. So he has an idea what we are about. They invited us in, and we shared a short message. They liked it a lot, and said we can come any time we want. At our next visit they are going to make an Asado (Argentinian BBQ feast)!

Poor Elder Wyckoff got sick two days of the week, so we had to do a lot of resting. While he was resting, I got some good personal time, I got to focus on setting goals on becoming become a better person. I also got to do some personal reflection as well and tried to imagine who I can become in the future. I really enjoyed this time I got to focus on myself, it was needed very much.

This is Elder Wyckoff’s last week in the mission! I am going to make sure we make some good memories and work super hard. Transfers calls are coming up this Sunday! Let’s see if I will get a new area. haha. Maybe I will stay in Unimev for another transfer and get eight months in one area, haha. 

Much love,

Elder Malzl

April 20, 2015

Okay, so after six months in Unimev I am finally getting transferred! I am going to Progreso San Juan! I hear it is an area close to the mountains, super kind people, and hot weather! But in the winter, it gets pretty cold, I hear. I will be put in as District Leader there. My companion will be Elder Poot! He is from Mexico, 26 years old, and, get this, he is from a Mayan village close to Cancun! I am so excited to meet him! I will meet him later on this week! I am really pumped to finally get to go to a new area! Of course, I will be so sad to leave all my family here in Unimev. I will miss my converts and members. So these next couple days I will be saying goodbye to them all. Apparently, Progreso San Juan is bigger than Unvimev and I will have to do even more walking, yay! This is going to be a fun change! 

I miss you all so much. I miss my lovely family. But hey, I will get to Skype you on May 10th for Mother’s Day! So get excited! I am at the mission offices right now writing you because I came to drop off my companion, Elder Wyckoff. I am going to miss him so much. He was like a best friend to me. He taught me many great things. Also, Elder Burgos, my trainer ends his mission today as well. I will miss him.

I love you all so much!

Elder Malzl

Be Love

Elder Mattias Malzl
Cabildo Abierto 161
5510 Godoy Cruz

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